Leonard was in the Army 1914-1918 and then came back to farm with his father. When his parents died, he sold the farm to Norman Cavanagh and went to work for Eady and Graham Construction Co. When he retired he helped out at the Kinburn Garage which was then owned by Robert Cavanagh and Mac Laughlin. Leonard was killed in a car accident at the age of 77 years, heading west for a holiday with a cousin. After Leonard's death, a neighbor (no one seemed to know who) wrote the following tribute which was published in the local newspaper. TRIBUTE

(to Leonard Styles of Kinburn, who was killed in a car accident)

An old man died a few days ago
I didn't go to his wake
Wakes are for the living
And I don't know his family.
I hardly knew the old man

He was the old man
Who pumped my gas
-- But more than that --

He was the old man
Who alway took the time
To chat with my children

And who, when asked
Whether those early shirt-sleeve spring days
Would last,
Answered simply and indelibly,
"I don't know
But we've had them now
And no one can ever take the pleasure they gave
Away from us."

And that is how I remember
The old man who died
Not as the man
Who pumped my gas,
But as the man
Whose love of life
Added something to mine.

Taken from the book "Beyond our Memory ... a history of Fitzroy Township".

Notes: Norman Cavanagh is the husband of Leonard's niece, Eleanor Styles.